Connecting Point 4 Kids

  • 11:15 AM
  • C201
  • 480-963-3997x114


Connecting Point 4 Kids will guide you, parent or guardian, and your child through the first steps of the Christian life.  In this interactive class your child will DISCOVER new truths about who God is and his UNSTOPPABLE rescue plan!  We will go over the basics of the Christian faith and equip your child with practical ways to express their faith daily with all the PASSION their savior deserves!

At least one parent or adult spiritual mentor must attend with child.



  1. Are there any good books on baptism for kids?
    We recommend you pick up a Taking the Plunge book prior to attending Connecting Point 4 Kids. This book is available at the Resource Center for $5. This book is perfect for understanding the need and process of baptism. It is designed for your child’s age and we encourage you both to review the book together prior to class. We will cover several first steps of the Christian life. Baptism is just one step we cover in our class. However during the “Understanding Baptism” section our facilitator will answer any questions you may have on the material covered in Taking the Plunge.
  2. My child ready for baptism, now what?
    When your child is ready for baptism, contact the church office to schedule a time. We usually facilitate baptisms after the Saturday 5:00 PM service or after the Sunday 11:15 AM service. But you can pick any time and any day you wish. The water is always heated! To schedule a baptism, contact Dig: Children’s Ministry or call 480-963-3997×114.
  3. Help! My child wants to be baptized but I don’t think they’re ready. What should I do?
    There’s no question that knowing your kids will be with you in heaven is one of the greatest joys in life. So leading them to Christ is a great privilege. However, in our enthusiasm we must be careful not to rush the decision. We have five questions to ask before your child is baptized.  However if you still have some questions you’d like answered, please contact Pastor Matt Johnson: Email  480-963-3997×144.  He will be more than happy to discuss this matter with you and provide additional resources to go over with your child on baptism.