The Power of Prayer

Chandler Christian Church is here to pray with you and for you; take advantage of this beautiful gift.

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. James 5:16

When you pray for one of the requests below, be sure to click on the I prayed for you button so that we can let the requestor know how many times their request has been lifted up.
Request Title Submitted By # Prayers Date
dying child needs fasting prayer Anonymous 0 07-30-2014
My husband takes overnight calls for CPS. He took one last night from a police officer, who reported that there was no wrongdoing on the parents part (after the analyses of three police detectives) that their 3 month old was smothered by their 5 year old while the children were asleep in the same bed. The 3 month old is in the hospital now after 6 shots of adrenaline and on a breathing machine. The doctors expect the child to die after the adrenaline runs its course. I believe that, though we don’t know if this family is one of believers, the Lord can raise the dead, just as he raised Lazarus and the daughter. I believe it would take prayer *and* fasting this time. Though we don’t know this family, the Holy Spirit can communicate anything if there are believers out there asking for it and putting their faith behind this. Thank you.
Zoe Geib having surgery at 17 for a blood clot in her cervix Susie lynch Lunch 3 07-26-2014
Pray for the docs hands and her body to heal ASAP surgery as I write
Cele’s son Mike Toni Stevens 8 07-23-2014
I know you handle prayer requests and I’d like to submit one if that’s ok. It’s for my son, Mike. He is struggling with something in his life that is taking him down the wrong path. He is extremely depressed and just seems so lost. My husband and I have tried and tried to help him, encourage him, talk to him, but nothing seems to work. He was seeing a professional, but not any more. I wish he would consider medication but he is totally against anything like that – no drugs he said. I don’t even know what to pray for for him anymore. It is heartbreaking to see him in this state and we are very worried about him. So, I submit this to the prayer requests and believe the more people praying for him, the better. Thanks.

Wisdom and Guidance from God Edmund Krzeminski 7 07-23-2014
Please pray for wisdom and guidance from God to solve my problems in my work. It is very serious problem.
My boss attacks me all the time. Thank you.
Husband needs prayer Anonymous 7 07-23-2014
I my husband is going through a very heard time and has a drug addiction. He was clean for 4 years and after losing 3 jobs in 5 months, he fell to drugs. Please pray that he will stay clean and that he would lean on God and not try to do this on his own.
My Wife and Mom of 3 has Breast Cancer. Steven Jones 11 07-22-2014
Please pray for my wife, Jill. She is in the beginning stages of treatments for Breast Cancer. She is in pain and scared. We have been in Chandler for 1 year and don’t have any support. God bless you!
Health & travel safety Jamie Leonard 7 07-21-2014
Praying for improved health for Linda, Viv & Jerry, Anne, Jan, Sandy, aunt Margaret (cancer) and for travel safety for family members
Heather Lindsay Susie Lynch 6 07-20-2014
Healing from second surgery
Husband’s back surgery Anonymous 6 07-19-2014
My husband will be going in for his first back surgery on Tuesday, July 22. We are very nervous and need the support of our family and friends. Please pray for a successful surgery as he has been in a lot of pain. We are also asking that you pray for a quick recovery,and for our family to be able to sustain financially until he can get back to work. Thank you and God bless.
News of cancer Anonymous 8 07-18-2014
Please pray for a family friend of my husband’s. This dear friend found out today he definitely has cancer. He and his wife are in shock right now.
They are asking for prayers!!!
Please pray that God would give them the strength they are going to need to get through this season in their life.
I ask that God would give this man’s doctors wisdom, guidance and discernment as to how to treat this him.
I ask that God would put people in their path who would be a source of strength and love to them.
Thank you all so much in advance for your much appreciated prayers.