The Power of Prayer

Chandler Christian Church is here to pray with you and for you; take advantage of this beautiful gift.

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. James 5:16

When you pray for one of the requests below, be sure to click on the I prayed for you button so that we can let the requestor know how many times their request has been lifted up.
Request Title Submitted By # Prayers Date
Finances and job Amanda Ellard 1 09-02-2014
I need prayer for me and my husband. He has been out of work for several months, he needs a job really bad. Financially that has made everything fall on me and I have been overly stressed about our finances especially because I\’m almost 16 weeks pregnant. Right now I\’m working full time trying to support us and I\’m really scared that bills won\’t be covered. Our bank account has hit negative a couple times this past month
Total restoration and protection Michael Patterson 10 08-22-2014
Please pray that God will deliver me from what I’m going though bring healing to my body, restoration to my life, and encamp his angels around me and my whole family, also namely my cousin justin and his father Nigel to help and protect us(we really need God’s protection).
for my 5 grandchildren mary walton 4 08-22-2014
Gods protection and peace and that they will have a hunger for the lord and that their home situation will improve and become more loving gentle kind and respectful. Ty
Healthy baby Susie Lynch 4 08-16-2014
Kyle Anderson due tk have her baby Sept 26
Dental Help and Healing Lana P 8 08-13-2014
I have to get 4 teeth pulled and 6 crowns replaced. I’m terrified of the dentist & needing this work makes me more nervous. I’m having a hard time finding someone who is a caring dentist & not out for money. When I find someone, I learn they do not do any type of sedation; I need to be sedated so a lot can get done at once to limit the procedure risks. I have a few health issues to contend with, so I’m needing just the right dentist to accommodate me. Please pray I find a wonderful dentist who can truly help me, and pray I am able to put my nerves aside and fully trust in the Lord, and pray my mouth clears up and soon I am smiling and eating normally. Thank you, God Bless you!
Remission for Rheumatoid Arthritis Albert P 10 08-13-2014
Hello. I’ve been suffering 5 yrs with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. Recently I switched over to Morphine for the pain; it is helping. I am asking you to pray for my joint and bone health, and for the inflammation in my body to go down. God had been gracious, placing a good friend near me to help me, and I’d like you to bless Will & Tammy for being so caring. I’ve lost weight & I’ve stopped smoking, and I need prayer to continue down the right path. I want so much to be able to walk into a church and be baptized, and at the moment I am unable to do so. Please pray for healing in my health, and that God keeps me in his care and on the right path. God bless you, thank you!
COPD Healing Alice Nosbaum 4 08-13-2014
I am asking for my fellow brothers and sisters to pray for a COPD healing. I get out of breath and tire easily. Thank you.
Tim Dale & Patty Blankenship 6 08-12-2014
Please pray for Tim as he is having foot surgery tomorrow. Thank You
Bree Pelosi Kristy Johnson 6 08-12-2014
She has a blood clot in her head. Prayer for pain, drs, Christ.
pray for my mom Andrew hulgan 4 08-11-2014
My grandma recently got diagnosed with limpnoma and stomach cancer she lives up in Oregon and today my mom flew out there to see her and talk with her doctors. She wants to move grandma down here but we dont know how long she has to live and its tearing my mom up having her mother dieing and being away from me and my sister please pray for peace for her and please pray that my grandma will be able to come to arizona