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The Power of Prayer

Chandler Christian Church is here to pray with you and for you; take advantage of this beautiful gift.

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. James 5:16

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Request Title Submitted By # Prayers Date
Healing for Family Crisis and Job Anonymous 2 02-01-2016
My son, who is 16, has lost his license shortly after getting it. He got a DUI for drugs. Please pray that he will let God into his life and feel the awesomeness our God provides. That my son know that his dad will be there, but the heavenly father is always there for help. Also, pray that I get a job within the next two weeks. After a short stressful marriage, the financial picture has been damaged, but please pray that I be blessed with employment. Thank you very much for your prayers during this difficult time.
For healing for Kies family Sue Lockinger 2 01-18-2016
Just got the following from a niece in Illinois Can you please start a prayer ring for my coworker Stormy Kies? I just found out on Friday, his 16 year old daughter, Faith, disappeared from Woodstock. She was found in the Phoenix area yesterday. The guy she was with committed suicide, but not before leaving Faith in critical condition. It would be greatly appreciated that a prayer ring could be started for Faith, Stormy and the Kies family.
For life Anonymous 2 01-13-2016
Hi i\’m a 30 yr old young bornagain man that\’s going through a life threatening situation and i\’m in very urgent need of prayer. Please pray that I will not die prematurely but live out my full days to live for Jesus and be a living witness of his mercy and love. Thank you for all your prayer\’s I really need them.
My Mom’s (Clara) shoulder pain… Anonymous 2 01-13-2016
My Mom is having a terrible pain on her shoulder and we do not know what is causing it….it looks like it is something wrong with her spine and/or nerves and the Doctor took lots of tests but we don’t know what it is causing the pain yet…..please pray that the Doctor finally know what is causing the pain and that she gets better soon with treatments and/or medicines. Thank you so much for praying for my request.
urgent need of healing Anonymous 3 01-09-2016
I am in great need of Gods healing and also inner peace and strength. I am undergoing tests for an undiagnosed condition and I am terrified of bad results. This has gone on and in for some time and has caused me such severe distress. I cry all the time and I feel so frightened and alone and weak emotionally. I cannot stress enough how important this is. Please pray for my health. Thank you and God bless.
For total recovery of Tia Brown Tim & Barbie Miholich 2 01-07-2016
Tia was involved in a critical auto accident and just got out of the hospital. she will have months of recovery and as soon as able to start she will be moved to a care facility to start her treatments.
Prayers for friend situation Anonymous 3 01-04-2016
I would like to request prayer for a friend, they\’ve a large family each with their issues they\’re dealing with. (Mostly drug related) and it\’s taking a toll on my friend. Ask that they\’re able to balance out life and how to respond to all that\’s going on in the family.
Struggling with son Anonymous 2 12-30-2015
I would like everyone to pray for my family, especially my older son. He is being influenced by the wrong people and not listening or accepting me in helping him. I struggle and worry every day for him. It tears me up inside that the choices he makes are the wrong choices. I need strength.
Deliverance/Change Adrian Turman 1 12-23-2015
Thank you for praying for my request. I am asking that you would continue to pray since Courtney is still in this battle with satan. She still hasn\’t listened to God\’s calling on her life and she is fighting her emotions and trying to decide what to do. Some of the anger has left but uncertainty and frustrated are still there. She also still hasn\’t stood up against the racism her mom has towards me. Please keep praying for her to be delivered, to listen to God, and for our relationship to resume. Thanks!
Cure for Cancer Anonymous 19 11-10-2015
Please pray that my husband is cured of pancreatic cancer. He starts chemo Thursday 11/12/15

We have 3 kids ages 5, 9, 12. They need their Dad. Please pray the Dr’s can send this cancer into remission. My husband’s name is Blake.