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Chandler Christian Church is here to pray with you and for you; take advantage of this beautiful gift.

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. James 5:16

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Request Title Submitted By # Prayers Date
Cure for Cancer Anonymous 7 11-10-2015
Please pray that my husband is cured of pancreatic cancer. He starts chemo Thursday 11/12/15

We have 3 kids ages 5, 9, 12. They need their Dad. Please pray the Dr’s can send this cancer into remission. My husband’s name is Blake.

Moral Values – no cohersion Anonymous 7 10-27-2015
I would like everyone to pray (in numbers) for my daughter, she is at a very vulnerable age of 15 and is being impressed upon by young people that do not share the moral values that have been important in families – to be honest, she is being misguided by lesbians, to take up their agenda. It is a known fact that she was NOT born that way. (She is not truly happy as she is acting out in very rude, confused, overloaded, behavior – unlike before).
I would like to pray for her to be brought back to the natural self that she was born and to infuse her with the moral values that she once had. I pray that all of the homosexual misguidance infected into her be removed from her body, mind, & spirit and that the Almighty Spirit will renew her moral values and fill her soul with self confidence and light. For this I pray. Please pray for her too. I love her dearly and want her to be happy with her life and I can certainly see that this is not the way…she is currently being brainwashed.
I am a working single mom and am not able to be there all of the time and unfortunately some unsavory characters, recruiting for their purpose
have befriended and preyed upon her, infecting her with their ways. Thank-you for your prayers.

Health Anonymous 6 10-19-2015
My brother Ted is having a medical procedure done Wednesday- shocking his heart so top and bottom beat in sync I guess- please pray all goes well and gets desired results- thanks
Struggling Marie C 11 10-13-2015
I have been divorced for over a year and my ex husband only has my children every other weekend. And sometimes for dinner once or twice a week. I feel like I’m raising my kids all alone. I am struggling financially, even after his support, and feel like I cannot ever keep up with all that life throws at me. I am struggling with finding time to do all that I need to do as a single mom. I am struggling with loneliness and missing family. I have no family here in Arizona and cannot move home due to divorce agreements. Please pray that something will happen for me that makes my situation easier. I am not sure what that may be right now, but my little family needs prayer. Thank you so much.
Prayer for us k perez 4 10-01-2015
Please be in prayer for me & my family. I feel we are under attack. I am struggling with my faith. I haven’t been to church in awhile I was hurt but also I am just completely burnt out. My husband who is recovering from S.A. is not going to church or CR either.
I am the only one working. My husband has applied for disability & been denied twice. & is currently waiting to see if he gets approved this time. Please pray that he is approved so it will be some relief for us. I am working very long hours to just keep afloat. & even then we often run out of food or electric & have to pay rent late. I feel like our prayers for years are unanswered & I am tired I’m fighting depression & feeling over whelmed.  All of this in addition to my husband’s daily severe chronic pain/ depression/anger/irritability & our unresolved marriage issues & lack of intimacy is just too much! I also have MS so I need to stay healthy. Please pray for a miracle of healing & to put God at the head of our household where he needs to be.
*P.U.S.H* dena antoinette chisholmj 2 09-28-2015
*PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS re:my full x job(AND)financial BLESSING MIRACLE;these last sept.,2015 days
Prayer for Royce Anonymous 2 09-19-2015
Please add our brother Royce and his family, to your churches prayer. He has been through a lot but The Lord brought him out! He still needs full deliverance, disintegration, implosion of every evil plot, and the favor of God to rest upon his life (Isaiah 54:17). Most of all right now he needs a job or income to succeed in Jesus name! Pray that God would send warring angels to defeat and remove any demonic force against this brothers destiny. Pray that Gods hand would be upon them and give them increase in every way, including a good job and finance, and provisions. Prayer for housing and the right location to live in. Also for income suitable for every dream and vision God has given hm. Prayer for those whom he has to interface with. Prayer for God to grant him, complete peace, strength, wisdom, healing and fill him with the Holy Spirit and be made whole & set free. Pray also pray that God will continue to supply their every need and show favor, according to his riches in Glory. That God would clearly show his path and will for this brothers life, and everything he touches will be anointed by God, including him. Prayer against any disease agent living in his body to be healed in Jesus Name. Prayer for the books and CD’s that are being birthed out of this experience, that they will bless everyone and the funds will be there to produce these items. Pray for the people and churches connected to his life to be blessed and be a blessing. Pray that God would order his steps ! clearly and fill him with the Holy Spirit and Fire! Also pray for his children and family to be protected and blessed with the favor of God and financial provision. Prayer for the funds for medical and dental coverage to happen soon. Lastly, pray for God’s protection and favor to be upon his life! Prayer that he would refuse to wear the garment of anger, bitterness, frustration, pain, or shame. Prayer for new beginnings and fresh starts in Jesus Name, prayer that God would break every stronghold and plot of the enemy against his family and friends. Prayer that the eyes of his understanding be open in Jesus Name. Prayer that every fruit of the spirit be in and a part of this brother s life, and he would be enriched with many gifts from God for ministry\” .But most of all he needs a house a place to call his own in Jesus Name!
Release of Sinful chains Travis J 4 09-19-2015
Please pray for me. Call on God’s divine power to deliver me from the chains of Fear and Anxiety.
Pray for the release of any impure or ungodly thoughts and for the strength to do God’s Will all my life.
2nd Job Needed Melanie C 6 09-18-2015
Prayer for a 2nd job. I am a working professional who has been looking for a second job for extra money to pay off medical bills and rebuild my savings. I have been looking for a year now and appears will take a miracle at this point :) I am always open to doing anything but have even been passed up by places like Hobby Lobby, Target and Lowes. My biggest obstacle is not having open availability (just wanting to work Saturdays) and being overqualified. Thank you!
Unsafe Neighorhood Melanie C 9 09-02-2015
The very short story is that I live in a bit of an unsafe neighborhood for a single girl to really be living. I often have some fear or anxiety as a result. I currently have neighbors that cannot be trusted. They are trying to take legal action against me to get me kicked out when they are the ones doing wrong. I have no money to move or to take legal action. Would appreciate prayer for peace, for safety and for resolution to the situation.